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HARS Flight Simulator Project

Illawarra Rotaract Club and the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society’s (HARS) Cockpit Hall project revolves around the adaptation and maintenance of real aircraft cockpits into working flight simulators. These simulators
will be unique and multi-dimensional with the project focussing on five objectives;


  1. The installation and maintenance of two advanced QANTAS made flight simulators.
  2. The conversion of an ex-military Sabre simulator to accept modern hardware.
  3. The development of a network to simultaneously host numerous simulators.
  4. The conversion of a Cobra gunship into a simulator. The ‘crown jewels’ of simulators, Cobra gunships are incredibly rare pieces of military hardware.
  5. Develop a fun, family experience for the public to enhance HARS’ status as a tourist attraction.


Once these objectives are achieved, the project group will start an organisation called the ‘Friends of the Cockpit
Hall’ which has a mandate to maintain and improve the simulators in the museum.

How can you get involved?

Technical support & engineering

  • Plan builds and modifications of the flight simulators
  • Implement builds and test the flight simulators
  • Install and upgrade simulator software


Marketing, media and promotion

  • Produce marketing material to promote the simulator hall
  • Create promotional material for the ‘Friends of the Cockpit Hall’ and a membership structure


Fortnightly Meetings at:

North Beach

Lobby Bar 6:00pm
2-14 Cliff Rd
Wollongong NSW 2500 

Illawarra Rotaract Meeting